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Actors Equity Association        |      SAG - AFTRA

Vocal Range: Baritone (C2 to F4)  Hair Color: Brown    Height 6’0      Eye Color: Green


FBI                                     Ethan Grange                        CBS                        dir. Alex Zakrzewski
The Flight Attendant       Shane's Guy                           HBO Max              dir. Susanna Fogel
Black Lightning                Deacon (Co-Star)                   The CW                 dir. Michael Shultz
Bound                               Aiden (Series Regular)           Independent         dir. Colin Murphy


Torch Song                Alan/David (us)                   Helen Hayes Theater       dir. Moises Kaufman


Blue Stockings (NYC Premier)           Will Bennett                    NYU Tisch Mainstage          

Merrily We Roll Along                        Tyler and others              Tisch New Studio on Broadway

The Drowsy Chaperone                      Robert Martin                 Tisch New Studio on Broadway

Salvador                                               Capoeira Chorus            Tisch New Studio on Broadway

Next to Normal                                   Dr. Madden/Dr. Fine      Miami Stage Co.

Les Miserables                                     Marius                             MCT

Violet                                                    Monty                              MCT

Dream of the Burning Boy                 Steve                                Frenchwoods Festival



New Studio on Broadway at Tisch School of the Arts (NYU)

Stonestreet Studios at Tisch School of the Arts (NYU)

Acting: Olympia Dukakis, Kent Gash, Kenneth Noel Mitchell, Michele Shay, Ted Sluberski, Gil Zabarsky, Ellen Parks, Michael McElroy, Eden Espinosa, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Randy Graff, Brian Hill, John Basil

Voice: Karen Parks, Tyley Ross, Michael McElroy, Mary Walkley, Jason Burrow, J. Oconer Navarro, Sheri Sanders, Dawn- Elin Fraser, Theresa McElwee, Tovah Close, Steven Eng

Dance: Mary Ann Lamb, Byron Easley, Dell Howlett, Barry McNabb, Billy Griffin, Francesca Harper, Angel Fraser Logan, Yvonne Marceau


 Fluent Spanish Speaker, IPA, Tap, High Falsetto, Sight Singing, Riding a Bike, Basic Music Theory, Roll my Tongue, Assorted Laughs, Variety of Water Sports, Can Make Voice Crack, Can Cry Easily, Basic Tumbling, Trapeze, Flying Trapeze, Dialects (ATS, Received Pronunciation, Hispanic, Southern), Conversational Italian, Capoeira, Various Ballroom Dances, Mask (1 year)

Resume: Resume
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